The Series 1 Foldaway Motorcycle Trailer

The Foldaway Motorcycle Trailer is a quality engineered, robust and yet easy to assemble piece of equipment.

Foldaway Motorcycle Trailer - folded away
From this...

Foldaway Motorcycle Trailer - assembled in less than three minutes
To this...

In under 3 minutes

Used by a major motor vehicle recovery organisation, it can be carried in the boot of most cars and can be assembled in less than three minutes. 350 kg payload

Assembly requires no spanners or other tools, comprising of only five main components.

It is supplied with loading ramp and ratchet strap tie downs.

Foldaway Motorcycle Trailer - £495.00 (including red powder coating.)

  • Lighting board - £15.00
  • Spare Wheel - £25.00

Delivery (UK mainland) - £50.00

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Foldaway Motorcycle Trailer rear view - it is supplied with loading ramp and ratchet strap tie downs.
Towing Weight: 350Kg

Download the 2010 Brenderup Trailer Catalogue brochure by clicking on the link below.

(Adobe Acrobat needed)

See how easy it is to assemble. Just 10 easy steps!

Foldaway Motorcycle Trailer Story


The Series 2 Foldaway

500 kg Payload



Series 2 assembled & ready to load

The Series 2 Foldaway can be assembled and ready for loading in minutes. Note that the towbar hitch is 'broken' to allow easy loading.


Bump Lock Cradle

The key to the trailers success is the 'bump lock' traversing cradle. This locks the front wheel to allow one man operation.


Series 2 loading

Winch the bike up the inclined runway which gently levels off and locks automatically when fully loaded.


Series 2 ready to tow

Secure the bike with the tie down ratchet straps included and you are ready to tow. Unloading is just as easy


Totally One man operation !

The Series 2 motorcycle trailer can carry loads up to 500 kg which means it can cope with bikes up to a Honda Goldwing size and weight. Just as easy to assemble as the Series 1, but with 3.50 x 10 wheels. Packs down to a size that can be carried in the average family car.

Price on application

Price includes powder coated finish, lighting board bracket and ratchet tie down straps.


Twin Motorcycle Trailers


Galvanised steel twin motorcycle trailer




  • Galvanised Steel Twin Motorcycle trailer.
  • Will carry 400kg payload






  • Strong ‘A’ frame construction
  • Easily converted into a single motorcycle carrier
  • Large 155 x 13c wheels and tyres
  • Convenient chequerplate standing areas
  • Integral lighting.
  • 750Kg gross weight, payload - 605Kg.


Great for moving quad bikes too!





New lightweight Brenderup models available :-

MC1 600Kg Gross, payload - 479Kg (single)

MC2 600Kg Gross, payload - 466Kg (twin)


Brenderup Twin Motorcycle Trailer - will carry 500kg payload
Brenderup Twin Motorcycle Trailer :: great for moving quad bikes too!
Brenderup Lightweight Twin
Cargo 2206 ramp

Cargo 2260 (Ramp)

Internal Size - 2600mm Long x 1306mm Wide x 1310mm High. Gross Weight 1300Kg - Payload 871Kg. Single axle with 155R13 Wheels & Tyres.

The Cargoliner 2260 has lots of smart features including full lid opening using gas struts. Loads can be locked into the trailer making it ideal for secure motorbike trailing. Easy loading ramp is equipped with an extension making loading a breeze.

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