Discover a whole new world of modern vehicle recovery with these remarkable, ‘user friendly’, stow on board towing implements.

The Solomatic Sovereign

The Solomatic Sovereign is the total high integrity 'A' frame for one man towing. Not only does it tow efficiently, but it applies the brakes smoothly, safely and automatically during deceleration.

A remote control cable, attached to the coupling on the SOVEREIGN, is passed through a ½" gap in the window of the towed vehicle and attached to a device which is fitted to the brake pedal. Connections are simple and easy, only taking a further 3 to 4 minutes to fit after connecting the 'A' frame.

Sovereign in tow
Sovereign Diagram  

The Stowboy

The Stowboy folded away
From this...

The Stowboy assembled
To this...

In under 4 minutes

The ‘Stowboy’ takes just four minutes to assemble and be ready for loading. No spanners or other components which key together. The heaviest component weighs only 22kg.

The track can be adjusted to suit the car being towed and has the lowest loaded vehicle height of any towing dolly, thus allowing the road to be seen through your rear view mirror and reducing the possibility of ‘grounding’ of vehicles with long overhang, loaded boot or tow bracket.

The ‘Stowboy’ has unique self steering wheels (patent applied for). There are no drawbar pivot pins or track rods to wear. The wheels turn to a degree proportionally to the turn on a special thrust washers and then automatically self centre, even on wet or rough roads.

The towing attachment can easily be carried in the back of a van, vehicle pickup truck or even in the boot of a large saloon car.

The Stowboy kaden

Towing Weight: 1000Kg

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